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What Is Wraparound?

The wraparound process is a team-based activity that helps groups of people involved in your family’s life work together toward a common goal. The goal is a team mission and the family’s vision of how things will look in the future.

What Do I Need to Know?
  • You will be asked to help develop a team and make decisions with that team.
  • You will be asked to identify your family’s strengths and needs.
  • You and your team will consider a variety of actions to meet needs.
  • Your wraparound plan will change regularly
  • You and your team will get an opportunity to evaluate whether your plan is getting to the outcomes you want.
What Can I Expect?
  • You can expect a facilitator to contact you to get to know you and your family.
  • You can expect regular team meetings
  • You can expect to get copies of all plans and reports including wraparound plans
  • You can expect that the wraparound facilitator may ask you to sign papers so that she can talk to other people in preparing for your first team meeting. 
  • Throughout the four-phase process, you can expect to be respected and your voice to be heard.
10 Principles of the Wraparound Process

Wraparound in Sandusky County is based on the National Wraparound Initiative. We have developed our service coordination process to closely follow nationally accepted principles of wraparound. They are:

  1. FAMILY VOICE AND CHOICE. Everyone in the family will be asked to share their opinions throughout the wraparound process. The planning will be driven by the family’s opinions and choices.
  2. TEAM-BASED. The wraparound team consists of any person chosen by the family interested in helping them reach their goals. It is important to have the right people on the team and at the table when planning.
  3. NATURAL SUPPORTS. The team looks for team members in the family’s community, friends, and extended family who may be able to help with keeping the planning balanced and finding and implementing solutions both now and in the future.
  4. COLLABORATION. Team members will work together to develop, implement and monitor a single wraparound plan that blends the perspectives, ideas and resources of the team, and coordinates and shares the responsibility for completing tasks and assignments in the plan.
  5. COMMUNITY-BASED. The team will create a plan that includes activities and supports in the home and the local community to ensure the youth is safe and that his/her needs are being met. The team’s focus is to make sure youth and young adults grow up in their homes and communities.
  6. CULTURALLY COMPETENT. The team creates a plan that is based on the values, beliefs, and culture of the family and their community.
  7. INDIVIDUALIZED. To meet the needs laid out in the wraparound plan, the team thinks creatively and develops and implements a tailored and unique set of strategies, supports, and services.
  8. STRENGTHS-BASED. The wraparound process and the wraparound plan identify, build on, and enhance the capabilities, knowledge, skills, and assets of the youth and family, their community, and other team members.
  9. PERSISTENCE. Despite challenges, the team sticks with working toward meeting the needs included in the wraparound plan and provides care unconditionally until the team reaches an agreement that formal wraparound meetings are no longer required and the family can move forward with ongoing support.
  10. OUTCOME-BASED. Meeting Needs and the wraparound plan will be stated in ways that are observable or measurable. The team monitors progress in terms of these meaningful measures and revises the plan accordingly.

Not sure if Wraparound is right for you or your family? Call our team at 419.307.1875 to find out. A referral packet needs to be completed for the youth or young adults ages 0-24. If you have questions or to request a packet be mailed or emailed to you, call 419.307.1875 or email your request to fcfcwraparound@sanduskycountyoh.gov. Referral packets are also available for download HERE.

Once a referral is received, we will contact the parent or young adult and help them decide if Wraparound is the right fit or if referrals to other programs are more suitable. If they decide to proceed with Wraparound, a facilitator is assigned to each family to guide them through the process. There is generally no wait to be assigned a facilitator. The facilitator will schedule a time with the family to get to know them and learn about their needs, what has worked for them in the past, and their family’s values and preferences. Together, the family and the facilitator will determine who should initially be on the team. Teams consist of informal supports such as friends, family, neighbors, church members and formal supports such as therapists, teachers, case managers and other professionals. The facilitator will call meetings as often as necessary to plan around the needs the team is focusing on and to assist in whatever ways the family feels would be helpful. Together, all team members work together to improve, strengthen, and stabilize family functioning and youth well-being.


Below are the documents for Wraparound Service Coordination.

Referral Form

Roles of Family Partners and Team Members

A Handbook for Families