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Help Parents

Sandusky County Family and Children First Council aims to provide support and information in ways that help parents become more capable and competent. This is accomplished by supporting and strengthening existing parenting abilities and through the development of new competencies. This allows parents to gain the knowledge and skills needed to carry out child-rearing responsibilities and provide their children with experiences and opportunities that promote child learning and development.

Each family enrolled in Wraparound is offered parent support services through a Parent Advocate.  This advocate helps to empower, educate, encourage, and equip parents as they navigate the child-serving systems in Sandusky County.

Key components of parent support services include: treating families with dignity and respect; providing individual, flexible and responsive support; sharing information so families can make informed decisions; ensuring family choice regarding intervention options; and providing the necessary resources and supports for parents to care for their children in ways that produce optimal parent and child outcomes.

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