About Us

Healthy Children, Strong Families, Thriving Communities

Never have needs been greater in the face of diminishing resources. 

Many issues affecting families and the community cannot be addressed in isolation- one system affects the other-The Sandusky County Family and Children First Council brings systems together to maximize our existing and limited resources.

Shared Responsibility, Resources, Results

Since 1995, the Sandusky County Family and Children First Council has served as a community planning partnership.  The Council is a cost effective team-driven organization that brings families, community and government together to help prevent and solve problems.  We mobilize the community around issues related to families and children and engage them in action, reduce duplication of effort between organizations, make better decisions that lead to better investments of public dollars, and evaluate the impact. 

Together we: 

  • Help our children reach their fullest potential by school age
  • Help reduce child abuse and neglect
  • Help parents gain leadership skills
  • Help improve school success
  • Help to improve the lives of families and children with complex needs
  • Help prevent substance abuse
  • Help prevent teen pregnancy

Through shared responsibility and shared resources, we are getting results.

Alignment, Access, Accountability

Through the Sandusky County Family and Children First Council, we align our resources, increase access to services, and remain accountable for our results.Many families are already at risk; now every family is being personally impacted.  We need your support to respond to our challenging economic times.  We need your time, talent and treasure.  Participate in the Council, contribute what you can.  Let’s work together for our children, families and community.

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