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A partnership that brings families, community, and government together to help prevent and solve problems.

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Coordinating Systems and Services

System Coordination brings individuals/agencies together to plan, strategize, prioritize, reach solutions, and monitor to ensure services are accessible

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Engaging and Empowering Families

We support parents to be active contributing members, be involved in key decision-making efforts; and serve as an advocate for children, families, and communities.

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Shared Resources, Risks, and Rewards

The Shared Accountability can only be achieved if the other three core functions are operational: engaging and empowering families, building community capacity, and coordinating systems and services

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Building Community Capacity

To build community capacity, it requires mobilizing communities to identify and address the ongoing needs of children and families through planning, implementing effective strategies, monitoring and reporting, and evaluating progress toward achieving desired outcomes.

Our Vision

Sandusky County is a place where all individuals and families are healthy in mind, spirit and body, living in a safe, supportive community that provides opportunities for successful learning, working, playing and living.

Who We Are

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Healthy Children

Together We Can

The Sandusky County Family & Children First Council exists under the Ohio Revised Code for the purpose of improving the well-being of families and children. As a collaborative of public and private child and family-serving systems, entities, and families, the Council supports initiatives that increase the likelihood that children can grow up safe and healthy, surrounded by support of their families and communities.

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Help our children reach their fullest potential

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Help reduce child abuse and neglect

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Help strengthen parenting skills

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Help improve school success

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Help to improve the lives of families and children with complex needs

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Help prevent substance abuse and other risky behaviors

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Help improve maternal and infant health

Partner’s Quote


Melanie Allen

Melanie Allen

Sandusky County Department of Job & Family Services

Our agency partners with FCFC along with all council members to provide services, identify barriers and gaps to services and help be a part of the solution for families in need of assistance.

Tim Wise, LPCCs

Tim Wise, LPCCs

Firelands Health

The Family and Children First Council supports treatment options for all of the residents of Sandusky County. Firelands is proud to be associated with the Family and Children First Council and provide mental health and substance use treatment services to the community.